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Futuristic Nostalgia [Jun. 7th, 2011|05:10 pm]
Home Effinomics, or Effin' Around the House


This is just the kind of thing I find myself drawn to, no matter how practical they actually prove.

It's a treadle-powered kitchen appliance suite, with blender, coffee grinder and immersion blender attachments. Yes, yes, I know; electrical versions of these same gadgets are ubiquitous and available at a fraction of the cost. Newer ones also don't come with required dishwasher-sized frames, just a simple cord. I'm attracted, though, to the simplicity. One can see exactly how the torque is provided. (Better get a plexiglass or Lexan cover for the flywheel assembly if you have pets or kids, though. That way they can watch but not touch.) Stylistically, it's also well constructed and aesthetically pleasing.

This is nothing new, of course. Before electricity rewrote the rules on home and farm appliances, gadgets like this were common.

If you're off-grid, exploring the human power gizmos might be a good idea. For me, as long as the rain falls and the snow melts, electrical power in the Pacific Northwest will be far too cost-competitive to warrant purchases like the nifty foot kitchen for any reason . . . other than the cool factor.

From: evilref
2011-06-08 10:14 am (UTC)
One of the big pluses of gadgets like this is that they don't wear as fast as the electrical equivalent. We're using motors to do these things even though we're off-grid, because it's convenient. But motors wear out and need maintenance, far more than those appliances will.

Once upon a time, you could get your domestic appliances maintained and repaired. Nowadays it's cheaper to buy a new one (since local engineers are much more expensive than engineers on the other side of the globe) and modern white goods designs reflect this. If the price of global transport rises, we may see a reversal of this trend.

In short, I'm not impressed with the handle on your gadgets, so much as with their construction. :-)
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