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home_effinomic's Journal

Home Effinomics, or Effin' Around the House
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Home Effinomics
or Effin' around with the House

Finding Ways that
Provide Means
To Just Ends

This community is dedicated to Home Efficiency Economics, home improvements that increase energy and resource efficiencies in cost-effective manners.

For beginners, topics open for sharing can include acquisitions and/or re-engineering projects ranging from the minor to the major to the extreme -- everything from replacing wasteful lightbulbs with better, to retiring old inefficient refrigerators and furnaces, to installing custom-designed power generation and water reclamation systems.

The Four Tenets of Home Effinomics

Know Thine Payback And Strive To Hasten It. Different areas of the planet can benefit from different means of reducing resource consumption costs. Installing a solar system that works well in Phoenix might be a bust in Philly.

Effin' Members should consider awareness of any financial return -- on any project great or small -- paramount for Effin' Success. This return on investment could be years or minutes, as long as one is reasonably able to calculate and expect some return.

In The Details Lieth Both God And The Devil. Pre-project planning to perhaps obsessive degrees is strongly encouraged. Hey, it gives us something to discuss.

Homes Should Be Liveth'd In, Not Liveth'd For. Once installed all Effin' improvements should involve little or no extra effort compared to the systems they replace. This community is dedicated to improving homes, not changing lifestyles.

Art Doth Enrich The Abode. Finally, Effin' Members should strive toward aesthetic greatness and originality wherever possible, for comely appearances draw positive appreciation from those new to the Effin' Arts. This spreads the Effin' Words and creates new Effin' Works.

So go forth and start Effin' Around.

To get an illustration of the Home Effinomic philosophy, please read Two Houses